Saturday, May 28, 2016

National Geographic - The Great Wall of China - Documentary

Dick Winters and his Easy Company (Band of Brothers) lounging at Eagle's Nest, Hitler's former residence, 1945.

Eagles - Hotel California Live. At The Capital Centre, 1977.


Breakthru Presents:

Local Artist Showcase!

Animosity Within, Monarch Theatre, Reasons Above All, Carter Rey, Squid Row

Sun, May 29, 2016

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

The Glass House

Pomona, CA


This event is all ages


Noisey Presents:


The Coathangers, Plague Vendor

Sat, May 28, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Glass House

Pomona, CA


This event is all ages

Mission Circuit Dog Show

May 26, 2016 - 30, 2016
Fairplex campus

The Mission Circuit Dog, presented by Purina Pro Plan, returns for its annual Memorial Day weekend event with competitions culminating Monday with top dogs honors celebrated
The fest is sponsored by non-profits SGV, San Fernando, Los Encinos and Antelope Valley Kennel clubs
The finest dog show in the country with a howlin’ 160 breeds and approximately 8,000 dogs competing
Children must be accompanied by an adult
Free admission courtesy of Purina® Pro Plan® Brand Dog Food
The competition begins each day at 9 a.m. and concludes at 6 p.m.
Parking is $10 at Gate 17 on Fairplex Dr.
Visit the website for more information

Giant RV Spring Show

May 27, 2016 - Jun 05, 2016
White Ave. lot
Is Back!!!
Featuring the latest in recreational vehicles along with show specials, supplies & accessories.

Motorhomes, 5th wheels, toy haulers, diesel pushers & more

10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Free Admission

Parking at Gate 9 on White Ave.

Visit for more information


National Brisket Day May 28

                                     NATIONAL BRISKET DAY

National Brisket Day is observed annually on May 28.  As one of the nine primal cuts of beef, brisket comes from the breast or lower chest of beef or veal.
Brisket is a tough and relatively inexpensive cut of meat. While it requires some patience to cook brisket to tenderness, the reward is well worth the effort. Select a well-marbled cut of meat.  The fat will keep the brisket moist and add flavor to the final product. Season it well and give it a dark sear.  This will seal in the juices.  Cook it slow, cook it long.
It can be cooked in the oven or over indirect heat over charcoal or wood.  Many times oak, pecan, hickory or mesquite is added to the other hardwoods to enhance the flavor.  Brisket will be fork tender when it is fully cooked and is then served with or without a sauce.
Enjoy this Bangin’ Smokey Beef Brisket recipe.
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Within our research, we were unable to find the origin of National Brisket Day.
National Hamburger Day May 28
National Hamburger Day May 28


National Hamburger Day is observed each year on May 28.  This day celebrates a summer-time grilling favorite and National Hamburger Day is part of National Hamburger Month.
Hamburger.  Seasoned ground beef, grilled and placed between two slices of bread or a bun. Top with sauteed onions, peppers, pickles, sliced onions, or cheese. Add condiments such as ketchup, mustard or mayo. Any one of these combinations would create a modern American version a hamburger.
It is most likely that the hamburger sandwich first appeared in the 19th or early 20th centuries, but there is much controversy over its origin. Over the years, the hamburger has become a culinary icon in the United States.
The world’s largest hamburger was prepared on September 2, 2012, in Carlton, Minnesota by Black Bear Casino Resort and weighed in at 2,014 pounds.
Use #NationalHamburgerDay to post on social media.  Enjoy a hamburger with friends and family at your favorite burger joint.
Our research was unable to locate the origin of National Hamburger Day. For Some Fun Hamburger Trivia See:

Plastic surgeon behind 'Size matters' billboard back with new message

Southern California weather forecast Saturday

Friday, May 27, 2016

Lost Cities of the Inca National Geographic

PBS Nova Ghosts of Machu Picchu

The Highwaymen: Friends Till the End - Promo

Hello Neighbor,
Pomona Heritage is starting to organize our 32nd annual Home Tour! We would love to have both new and old faces to help us make this event successful!

We are meeting at our president's (The McIntire's) beautiful Victorian home to GET STARTED!!
WHAT: Home Tour Organizational Meeting
WHERE: 357 E. Pasadena St  Pomona, CA 
WHEN: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 
TIME: 7:00pm   

The Home Tour is a fun event to show the beauty and history of Pomona! We need people to volunteer to show their home, help with advertising, fundraising, working with the local organizations and other activities. The Home Tour is scheduled for December 4, 2016.

SOOO...please consider volunteering....

Remember: Pomona Heritage is an ALL volunteer organization of people who want to celebrate Pomona and its history.  Come meet great people who share your interests!

See you there!
We are hoping to have a greater social media presence so watch your email, our Facebook page and the website for updates! Pomona Heritage 
If you cannot volunteer your time, your donation will help pay to create fun and educational event. If you are interested in contributing, becoming a member or renewing your membership, visit our website

Teresa Sabol Spezio
Membership Director

Two Minute Tour of New York: 50 States for Kids - FreeSchool


1941 Bismarck sunk by Royal Navy


National Cellophane Tape Day May 27

                             NATIONAL CELLOPHANE TAPE DAY

Observed annually on May 27th is National Cellophane Tape Day. It is hard to imagine where we would be without this invention. How would we wrap our Christmas and birthday gifts?
This common household and office item, which is also known as invisible tape or Scotch Tape, was invented by Richard Gurley Drew (June 22, 1899 – December 14, 1980).  Drew joined the 3M Company in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1920, first inventing the masking tape in 1926, followed by the invention of the cellophane tape in 1930.   
Originally designed to seal Cellophane packages sold in grocers and bakeries, the new adhesive missed its mark. By the time all its drawbacks were resolved, DuPont introduced heat-sealed cellophane.
Regardless, with a resounding endorsement from customers, 3M found a market in both the home and the office.
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Within our research, we were unable to find the creator of National Cellophane Tape Day.

National Grape Popsicle Day May 27
National Grape Popsicle Day May 27


May 27 calls for warm weather and sunshine so we can recognize National Grape Popsicle Day.
In San Francisco, California, in 1905, 11-yr-old Frank Epperson was outside on his porch, mixing water with a white powdered flavoring to make soda.  Upon going inside, he left it there on the porch with the stirring stick still in it.  That night the temperature reached a record low and the following morning, Frank discovered the drink had frozen to the stick.
Years later, in 1922, Epperson introduced his treat at a fireman’s ball where it was a huge success. Then in 1923, he made and sold his frozen treat-on-a-stick at an amusement park in Alameda, California.  Epperson applied for a patent in 1924 for his frozen confectionery, which he called “Epsicle” ice pop.  He then renamed it “Popsicle“.
Popsicles are one of summertime’s favorite treats for kids of all ages. National Grape Popsicle Day honors one of the most popular flavors!
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Our research was unable to find the origin or the creator of National Grape Popsicle Day.

National Don't Fry Day Friday Before Memorial Day
National Don’t Fry Day Friday Before Memorial Day


Each year on the Friday before Memorial Day, it is National Don’t Fry Day.  The goal of National Don’t Fry Day is to raise awareness of all the risks of overexposure to the sun.  It is important for everyone to remember to use sun protection and sun safety practices.
Unfortunately, skin cancer is increasing in the United States, and the American Cancer Society estimates that one American dies every hour from skin cancer.  The risk for ultraviolet (UV) damage to the skin increases as we spend more time enjoying the outdoors now that warmer weather is upon us.   We need to take precautions when we are outside in the sun.  Using a good sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, wearing sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat are a few ways to get started with sun safety.
Skin cancer is curable if it is found early.  Be aware of changes on your skin with growths and in moles.  See your doctor if you have any concerns.  Be safe!
For more information see:
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National Don’t Fry Day was created by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention.

National Heat Awareness Day Last Saturday in May
National Heat Awareness Day Last Saturday in May


National Heat Awareness Day is observed each year on the last Friday in May.  Resulting in numerous fatalities each year, heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the United States.
  • 1980 heat wave claimed 1,250 lives
  • 1995 heat wave claimed more than 700 lives in Chicago (the deadliest weather event in Chicago history)
  • 2003 August, record heat wave in Europe claimed an estimated 50,000 lives
Most American summers see heat waves in one or more parts of the United States.  Some regions of the country have both high temperatures and high humidity. However, some of the worst heat waves have been dry.
The following advisories may be issued from the National Weather Service:
  • Excessive Heat Outlooks
  • Excessive Heat Watches
  • Excessive Heat Warning/Advisories
Take these precautions when heat advisories are issued: stay hydrated (drink lots of water), avoid alcohol, caffeine drinks and extra sugar,  avoid over exertion and find a cool place to stay in.
For more weather safety information visit:
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National Heat Awareness Day is sponsored by the National Weather Service.
There are over 1,200 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day with National Day Calendar

Free Mulch Giveaway

Free Mulch Giveaway Weekend will be Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4.

It is encouraged that you to arrive early for this first come-first-serve event. Ontario residents can load and haul away mulch generated by City tree trimmings. Bring your own container and shovel. For more information, call the Recycling Hotline at (909) 395-2040.