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Tucker: Nation's immigration laws are breaking down

MAR 16 TGIF Studios

TGIF Paint or Clay Studio in pARTnership Mi Cafecito 21 & older
Come solo or bring a group of friends to enjoy this authentic, hip, and historic urban playground. This TGIF Studio is in pARTnership with Mi Cafecito the masterpiece place for coffee in heART of downtown Pomona.

Ceramics, Painting, and refreshments to unwind
7 pm - 9 pm $30 ( 21 & older)
Kick off your weekend in the studios and create !

Guests will be able to choose a project in the Clay studio or the Painting studio to create a one of a kind original work of art. All levels are welcome ! This is about a chance to be creative and free to promote great mind, body, and soul connections.

dA Clay leader will guide guests through hand building a unique coffee/tea cup or there will be a selection of bisqueware coffee/tea cups.
* Clay involves a couple extra steps
1) A 2nd visit to the dA Clay studio to glaze your cup
2) A visit to Mi Cafecito to pick up your completed mug with a chance to enjoy a free specialty Mi Cafecito Cafe from Latino America.


dA Artist will guide the guests through a still-life using acrylic paints on canvas. Paint what you see and let your imagination kick in. The final masterpiece is done at the end of class and ready to be taken with you to hang on the wall of your choice!


Clothes that you do not mind getting a little dirty. Community Studio Aprons are available or bring your own.

grand canyon mystery

MIND BLOWING Discoveries in the Last Year

Pomona Mall Parsonage Jewelers Thrifty Cut Rate Drug Stores Florsheim Shoes

Check this out, at one time, a "People Mover", was on the drawing board. As you can see in this drawing.
You see that sign, Triangle Shoes, right below that's, where the "Magic Book Store" is today. Matter of fact, if you look up there today, you still can see the hangers for the Triangle sign on the building. I believe there are three of them up there.

Pomona Mall 1984

In this picture, you can see both bench's, on both sides.

At one time, we had a bench there in front of the Porpoise Fountain here on Locust and Second St. We also had one across the street from it. But when they opened up Second St. for car traffic, they had to remove a few for parking. Tear it down, we need the parking, historic building, sure why not. The old city hall, sure we don't need it. The old public library, that was on Main St. why not, we need the *&^% parking.
And that historic tree, take it out, it doesn't fit with our plans.
What's next?

Minibus on Pomona Mall -- Dec. 1966, 5 cents to ride

I sure remember the Minibus, someday I'll tell you the story, about the water balloon fight.
Well the last time I seen this Minibus, was back in the mid 1980's. It was sitting in a field on State St. in Montclair. Then later, they cleaned out the lot of junk, and the Minibus was also taken away. It was in bad shape, you still can see the blue and white strips on the top. But being outdoors for 
years, it did take a beating.

Dean Martin aint that a kick in the head




Planes of Fame Hangar Dance & WWII Party's post

Buy your tickets THIS WEEK and SAVE $$$
Early Bird Prices End Friday March 2 so don't wait!
Swing Dance among authentic WWII Aircraft - Live Big Band "The Fabulous Esquires Big Band" Dance Lessons 7 - 8 pm, Tacos, Bar and Costume Contest!

MAR 1 March Makeover

Join us in March for #MARCHmakeover with Day One! We will be activating our parks in March with certified personal trainer @c.razofit who will kick-start your fitness journey! Featuring free smoothies, and nutrition lessons!

Join us for our first class on March 1st, 2018 at Ralph Welch Park at 8:30am!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Worst Jobs in History: Dark Ages (Dark Ages Documentary) | Timeline

Oldest Mummies in the World (Archaeology Documentary) | Timeline

Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store Specials and Events

Carriages & coaches 1890-1895

Second Street in the "Horse & Buggy days". Between Garey Avenue & Thomas Street looking West

Dedication of New Drinking Fountain at Main and Second 1890-98

"Powell family in foreground at dedication of New Drinking Fountain at corner of Main and Second Sts., Pomona. Powell family's old home was on East Holt Ave. at Monte Vista. Looking south on Main. McComa's Block 294 W. 2nd on corner between 1890-98. Gift of Mr. E. Powell Downer and A.A. Fair."

Main St. looking South from Second St. 1889

Main St. looking south from 2nd St. Main, south of 2nd. (Frankel Store now replaced by Weigle's Market 1923.)

Second Street, Streets Backyards 1889

Towne Ave. 1889

Towne Ave. and Hiawassa as it looked in 1889. Hiawassa is now LaVerne Rd. east of Garey Ave. This picture is looking north on Towne Ave.

Main St. at Tracks 15-Jan-1954 Southern Pacific Freight. Vehicles help up for train blocked entrance and exit of municipal lot.

Ren's Note: To the right of the picture, you see that HOTEL. Well back in the mid 1970's, I  worked for this company, that would go inside and fix these places up, so they can rent the rooms out.
There was six rooms if I remember right, and everyone had to share one bathroom. It had a claw bathtub, with an old shower type set up, with a plastic curtain.
Inside there was a lot of gingerbread molding, around the doors, and they had those transit windows, I believe you call them, above the front door.
Inside each room, when you open the front door, there was this ball of wood, that was attach to the wood, behind the door. It was a door stopper, first time I seen one of those.
I loved that job.

David Bowie Young Americans

David Bowie - Let's Dance

Steely Dan - Bad Sneakers

Steely Dan - Only a Fool Would Say That

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Your listening to, Pomona's M.V.B. - The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

The Beatles - Hey Bulldog (Promo video)

This is a "Scrappy Toy Update"

The Bus, "The Magical Bus" Well what the hey!, had to call it something.

I made the door to swing open, so you can see where the driver would sit.

The top will be glued down, but I just wanted to let you see, the inside first.

And this will be a "Fire Truck" just started the other day. And like always, I'll keep you updated

Pomona Youth with positive activities

We are still accepting students for this class. Investing in Pomona Youth with positive activities @ dA. Free and open for curious to serious.

"Two Days Find"

Yes, Two Days Find, I found these caps, on two different days. And they look brand new.

MAR 9 Art in Bloom Benefit for dA

This is a benefit fundraiser for the dA Center for the Arts to help raise much needed funds to support the visual art, music, literature, dance, and theatre programs for the residents in Pomona and beyond. Artistic floral arrangements, great art, excellent music, brews and burritos for the cause !

MAR 3 Refrigerator record release & Cassette Art Saturday at 7 PM - 9 PM

Refrigerator to perform Saturday March 3rd at 7pm at The dA Center For Perfroming Arts. Dennis Callaci (Shrimper Records/Refrigerator band member) installation debuts the same day.

Refrigerator will be playing a 2 hour show/record release party for their latest LP/CD “High Desert Lows” at The da Center For The Performing Arts in Pomona On Saturday March 3rd. This will be the band’s first show in Southern California in over two years & will be followed by scattered shows through the spring. The new record was recorded in Omaha by Simon Joyner who also plays on the record. The performance will coincide with an installation of 100 hand drawn/painted ‘”Imagined cassette” releases on Shrimper by Dennis Callaci. Callaci has run the Shrimper label for over twenty five years which has featured a number of his drawiings/artwork spread across a wealth of releases on CD, cassette, LP & 7” singles. These hand painted cassettes will be on sale at the opening for $25 apiece as well as a limited edition signed lithograph featuring all 100 cassettes.

Lincoln Garden Committee Meeting, Friday Mar 2-3:00 p.m., Garden Day Saturday Mar 3 9:00-1:00


Tenemos una junta del Comite de Jardin viernes, marzo 2, a las 3:00 en la sala de profesores. Esta es una oportunidad para compartir ideas sobre el jardin. 

El Sabado, marzo 3, hay una dia del jardin a las 9:00 hasta 1:00. Todos los que vienen recibiran cafe, desayuno, plantas y vegetales. Tenemos muchas plantas para llevar a casa o plantar en el jardin! Los niƱos deben estar acompaƱados por un adulto responsable.

Contactame por favor si quiere venir. Gracias!


Evan Green
Interno del Jardin Lincoln


We have a Lincoln Garden Committee meeting coming up this Friday, March 2nd, at 3:00 p.m. in the Lincoln teacher's lounge. This is an opportunity to share any ideas you may have about the garden. 

Saturday, March 3rd, will be a garden day, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Come enjoy our beautiful garden and help out the school in the process. As usual, your reward will be coffee, breakfast, and produce. We also still have lots of baby plants for you to take home and start your own vegetable garden. 

For this workday, children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Please email or text me back and let me know if you would like to attend so we get an idea of how many people will be at each event. 

We hope to see you there!


Evan Green
Lincoln Elementary Garden Intern

Monday, February 26, 2018

MAR 3 March Claremont Art Walk Saturday at 6 PM - 9 PM

205 Yale Ave.
Claremont Chamber
“Birds Discover the Local Library” is a library-themed collection of paintings by Anne Seltzer that were created specifically for the Cambria Library exhibition. “They are storypaintings that share a whimsical vision of my favorite black birds visiting and studying at the library. I applaud them for it.” - Anne

134 Yale Ave.
“The Art of the Rybacki Brothers” by Nicholas Rybacki and Stephen Rybacki with guest Artists paPa and Florencia Abergel.
Nicholas Rybacki is a Southern California born independent artist. His work centers on themes of spirituality, states of consciousness and mythos. Describing his work as ‘Hybridism’, he blends digital art and painting into one, creating work that is ever-changing and growing, he is determined to push the boundaries of imagination.
Stephen Rybacki was raised in Rancho Cucamonga CA, and currently resides in La Verne. His work focuses on the delicate texture and colors of rusted objects, and how to isolate the beauty of a simple rusted object with a canvas base, bringing out the oxidized bright oranges and organic broken metal to create a composition.

123 Yale Ave.
“A Series of Experiments” by Honey Spider. A collection of mixed media pieces featuring a collection of artwork from the book artist and illustrator Sofia Olivas

Chanandalar Keeks 7:00-7:30
Andrew Felix 8:00-8:30

230 W. Bonita Ave.

260 W. Bonita Ave.
“Go big”
Large abstract works by Elizabeth Carr.
Go behind the scenes to see where the work is created and see what work is “in progress”. This show will include work that has an industrial quality to it.

254 W. Bonita Ave.
“Harold Sherrick Rock Photographer”
Rock photography’s cherished Harold Sherrick will bring select images from his archive for the public to view and buy. The show opens March 3rd and runs for one month. Harold has shot all the greats from the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and beyond. Harold is still documenting rock music.
After party music by Post-Punk faves: “Ex Party”

200 W. First Street,
Claremont Depot
“Kindred Natures” highlights the links between the sculptures of Aldo Casanova and the paintings of James Fuller. Sharing an affinity for the beauty of nature, each artist influenced generations of students while teaching at Scripps College, as well as maintaining active careers as exhibiting artists. The exhibition will remain on view through March 25, 2018.

250 W. First St., Suite 120
“Manifesto For All” is an inclusive group show presented in conjunction with Pitzer College Art Galleries, which will host a concurrent exhibition entitled “Manifesto: A Modest Proposal” curated by Ciara Ennis and Jennifer Vanderpool. Both exhibitions will address our collective need to formulate effective and attainable solutions to the pressing sociopolitical, cultural, economic, and environmental issues of our time. Manifesto for all at First Street Gallery will include individual artist’s visions of pragmatic optimism for a better future while also challenging each audience member to make a pledge of action.

586 W. First St.

532 W. First St.
Arists selected by the Art Walk Committee, set up small exhibition spaces to display and sell their own fine art in the Claremont Packing House atrium. 6-9pm
Respun Retro/Jewelry and Accessories
David Guererro Fine Art/Fine Art Paintings
Earth-Ore Jewelry/Handmade Jewelry
The Crafty Soaps/Natural Hand Made Soaps and Bath Salts
Que Sara Designs Artisan Jewelry/ Jewelry and Assemblage
Sarah the Artiste/Digital and Traditional Comic Art
Daniel Nevills/Bronze Sculpture
Sense about Scents/Handmade Felted Soaps and Personal Care
Roy Tuna/Ink Marker Drawings
Eric Watkins/Pencil | Pen & Ink
Crafty Mantis/Crochet

110 N. Harvard Ave.
Original pastel works of figure drawings on butcher paper from the 1980’s by Al Wilden.

250 N. Harvard Ave.
Celebrate the season of rebirth with “Inspired Images” by Bruce and Martha Armbruster featuring art representations on stone and canvas. While traveling, the couple fell in love with incredible artwork in churches and museums. Desiring to have it in their home, they were inspired to produce affordable timeworn-looking religious art pieces. Meet the artists from 5-8pm on March 3rd.

840 N. Indian Hill Blvd.
Garner House
“Curious Pleasures” a collection of illustrations and tapestries by artist Rebecca Ustrell.
Artist Statement:
“I use India ink markers in an array of bright and pastel pigments on gesso primed wood and paper. I like to test the limits of ink with the use of unusual color pallets. I have had some of my drawings digitally printed onto tapestries in order to bring a softness to the imagery, much like the person or object being portrayed.
My work focuses mainly on the female and male form and its relationship to the natural world, along with illustrative works of plants and animals. I tend to look at the relationships of my subject matter in terms of playfulness, coyness and sensuality. I place the people, animals and objects in settings that are both familiar and comfortable, but at the same time in unusual situations to provoke intrigue and desire. I take the chaos that exists around us in the world and organize that chaos in my imagery.
I have been drawing since I was a child and was formally trained in art classes in middle, high school and college settings. I currently maintain studio space in Riverside.”
Rebecca Ustrell is an illustrator, textile artist, graphic designer, writer and curator based out of Claremont, CA.
Current Projects:
Claremont Art Walk Pop-Up Gallery |Organizer, Graphic Designer | 2016-Current


Planes of Fame Air Museum is proud to present Planes of Fame Air Show on May 5-6, 2018. Featuring over 40 historic aircraft, including P-47 Thunderbolts, P-38 Lightnings and P-51 Mustangs flying for your enjoyment. We invite you to join us in honoring the history, contributions, and sacrifices of our veterans.
SAVE $5 ORDER TICKETS ONLINE! (Hurry! Limited Time Offer) - Free Admission Kids 11 Years & Under

Monday is upon us. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Stop by and join us today.

163 W 2nd St
Pomona, California 91766