Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Pomona Food Drive

Wreck of the 4005 67 years later

Lyttlon Savings and Loans History and the "Ghost Sign"

Pomona's Southside Historical Society, The History of Walter Knott in Po...

A Car Dealership, Pomona Mall Mosaic Signs and some Wet Money

Thee Old Firehouse, 1924

Here's What People Used Before Toilet Paper Was Invented

Bullitt 1968 ( FILMING LOCATION) with shot-for-shot remake car chase

Once Upon a Time In the West ( filming location video ) Ennio Morricone ...

Secrets of the Dead Building Notre Dame

I sure do

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Fresno County Blossom Trail 2017

Finding a 750-Foot Long Ore Chute at the Abandoned Hilton Mine

Pomona Swap Meet

Paperback Writer - The Beatoons (@alvar0rtega)

ATTN California

Elétricos de Lisboa Trams in Lisbon Straßenbahn Lissabon

Navy releases video of 'unidentified aerial phenomena'

Ren's did you know ?.

"Baby cages" were window-mounted playpens that were once used for apartments to ensure babies get fresh air, 1937.

Public Notice, info about the virus

Sunday, April 26, 2020


First National Bank & The Brogdex Company


Pomona's Downtown Mall Fountains getting a good cleaning

Pomona's "Helicopter Services"

Lila O'Leary Girl Scout Gold Award "Wallflower Mural"

Restoring The Seventh Day Adventist Church, now The New Church of Pomona

What I Remember of Two Pomona High Schools

Pomona's Downtown Train Station

A Cardboard Box with Historic Memories

Riding Lisbon’s Tram 28 in Summer - Portugal

2020 Airstream Flying Cloud - Walkthrough

A look inside the restoration of Notre Dame cathedral

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Drunk Russians Taze Themselves

Pomona's COVID-19 Action Committee

A few weeks ago, I formed a Mayor’s initiative called the Pomona COVID-19 Action Committee. This initiative is to allow us to respond to the most immediate needs of our community and to create a plan for once the crisis has passed. It is made up of community leaders from non-profits, public government agencies, city staff, faith-based leadership, and the private sector, as well as two of our City Councilmembers, Nora Garcia and Victor Preciado.
The initiative is made up of five sub-committees. The Basic Needs Committee focuses on providing food and shelter, as well as determining how to get information about resources to those who are more difficult to reach. The Business and Economic Development Needs Committee looks at jobs and small businesses, in order to determine how to help them and make them stronger as we move forward. The Fundraising Committee raises money and makes sure that it gets to the people in the community who need it. The Health and Wellness Committee responds to the hospital and their needs, as well as the mental health needs of our residents. The Educational Needs Committee focuses on delivery of K-12 education for the remainder of the school year as well as planning for next year. All of these committees are focused on the well-being of Pomona residents and businesses.
City of Pomona COVID-19 Hotline:  (909) 620-2311
In addition, the City of Pomona COVID-19 Information Hotline has been set up to allow everyone to find the resources that they need; the hotline can be reached at (909) 620-2311. This initiative is about people coming together to collaborate and cooperate to make our community stronger. It is my belief that the best way for us to move forward is to plan and to organize, and that is what the people of this city are striving to do.

Tim Sandoval
City of

A 1957 GE refrigerator freezer

Ads from the past

Pomona Police Department

As a reminder, our annual shred-a-thon event has been postponed. We know this is an event our community looks forward to and we’re hoping to reschedule it for a later date. Check back for updates.

Friday, April 24, 2020


Grateful Dead - Uncle John's Band (Studio Version)

Grateful Dead - Touch Of Grey (Official Music Video)

Eric Clapton - Layla

Santana - Smooth ft. Rob Thomas (Official Video)

Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is (Official Video)

Steve Winwood - Back In The High Life Again (Official Video)

John Mellencamp - Pink Houses

Billy Joel - Piano Man (Official Video)

The Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care (Official Video)

The Beatles - Free As A Bird

Thee Old Firehouse, 1924

Ronald Reagan tells three-legged chicken joke

PDM, Karl Benjamin Pomona Mural: A Minute with REN

POMONA READS! A Celebration of Books



Pomona Weed and Seed Strategy at Garfield Park in Pomona

Pomona Police Swat

D.P.O.A. Meeting

New Sword for Garfield Park here in Pomona


Webinar: Create or Improve Your Online Presence April 30 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

A Car Dealership, Pomona Mall Mosaic Signs and some Wet Money

Judah Olive Thu, 4/23

Tune into Spectrum News Ch. 1 on Thu, 4/23 at approximately 8:50 a.m. to see your #pomonapoetlaureate David Judah Oliver!  #nationalpoetrymonth #pomonapoetrymovement — in Pomona, California.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Remembering David Vopat & The N9MB Flying Wing | Planes of Fame

Learning Links

Dear Pomona Public Library Supporter,
Today the Pomona Public Library Foundation launched the Learning Links website. There you will find links to educational resources for adults and children and, fun and educational original materiel. Check back often. We will add new links and material as it comes in. Also check the related PPLF Book Club Facebook page. For additional information see our news release. Happy library week and thanks you for your continued support.

Open Every Day 10am - 6pm

For the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2020
The Farm Store Celebrates BEES!
Bees on poppy
Bees are an essential part of the food chain. One in every three bites of food we eat is due to this magnificent pollinator. Oh yes . . . and we love their HONEY!
CPP honey
CPP HONEY: Pure • Local • Delicious!

Did you know that Cal Poly Pomona has its own apiary? There are about 40 colonies of bees working hard every day to produce delicious raw honey. Students are a big part of this process through nurturing the hives while learning about bee science.

Fun Facts: Raw honey has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also has antioxidants and can help boost your immunity! Bees have to fly around 50,000 miles to produce one pound of honey.
The Farm Store has several flavors of CPP Honey available.
It doesn't get any more LOCAL than this!

You can also find plants that attract bees in the nursery.
Farm Store Gift box
Custom Gift Boxes
Do you have a friend or family member who would enjoy a custom gift box from the Farm Store? We can include any item the store offers. Orders can be taken over the phone and shipped.
Check out our Gift Gallery!
Pepper Plants GALORE!
The Farm Store Nursery is still selling many varieties of pepper plants that can be ordered online and either shipped or picked up curbside. Orders can be placed on the Nursery website.
Contact us at (909) 869-4906 or email:
OPEN DAILY 10:00am - 6:00pm
Your purchases support OUR students . . . Thank you!
Stay in touch and follow us on Facebook

Regular Board Meeting will be streamed live on 4/22/20


MYSTERY OF THE 6 P's, the logo for The City of Pomona.
(this is the continuation of a conversation from a group that our senior administrator, Elaine Griffin, participated in)
The politically correct answer is that those 6 P's represent the 6 council districts for the city. Which has accomplished nothing but to keep the city divided.
But there is a deeper symbolism to those 6 P's................ and the originators knew what they were doing. Further entrenching Pomona in a culture that is close to 100 years old.
Take your pick, but someone definitely had an agenda for The City of Pomona......
1. Pomona Red Hearts
2. Pomona Red Dragons
3. Pomona Sharkies
4. Pomona Cherryville*
5. Pomona Vikings
6. Pomona Lancers
*off-shoot of Sharkies
Elaine did a little test in a couple of FB groups to find out if some of the younger Pomonans know about the symbol, the logo of Pomona, the 6 P's, that they so proudly wear and tatoo on themselves. As suspected most of them have no idea about the history and culture of Pomona or what the 6 P's actually represent. Heck many of the adults between 30 and 49 didn't even know, although many hinted at it.
If we want to effectively represent The City of Pomona, we first have to know it's history. If we do not know our history, how are we going to ensure the validity of a safe future? If we do not know our history aren't we doomed to repeat past mistakes?

Thank you, for saying Thank you

Yes to all those out there, a BIG THANKS!

The Center Street Garden

Thank you Center Street Garden, made my day seeing all these great looking flowers, and the colors, Wow!.

Sunday, April 19, 2020



Mission Family Restaurant

How to make your own Wind Chimes

SCRAPPY TOYS, How to Install the Floors and Much More


Welcome to the Hidden Garden

What was then, and what is now

Austin City Limits John Prine

Nature Cuba's Wild Revolution

Blood Sugar Rising: America's Hidden Diabetes Epidemic

Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (Live at Tokyo Dome 1990)

The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Live) - OFFICIAL PROMO

The Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line (Official Video)

Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard - It's All Going to Pot (Digital Video)

Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson (Audio)

Billy Joel - Piano Man (Audio)

Elton John - Rocket Man (Official Music Video)

Elton John - Tiny Dancer (Official Music Video)

S2 E4: Dream Factory

S2 E3: Building the Metropolis

S1 E1: Wild L.A.

Some Americans in debt may see stimulus checks seized by banks

SoCal weather: Cool temperatures, chance of light showers Saturday

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Fury |2014| All Tank Battles [Edited] (WWII April 25, 1945)

Saving Private Ryan |1998| All Battle Scenes [Edited] (WWII June 6, 1944)

Pomona T.V. News, A broken fence and some green stuff.

tram 28 lisbon driver view


Mayor's Statement On COVID-19

Mayor’s Statement on COVID-19
First, on behalf of myself and the entire City Council, we would like to thank healthcare workers, city staff, first responders, and others who are working hard to keep us safe. The Pomona City Council and I understand the strain and uncertainty that the COVID-19 Pandemic and the associated social distancing restrictions have caused on everyone’s daily lives. However, it is paramount that we all virtually unite as a community and follow the dictates of public health and government officials – The lives of our most vulnerable populations are literally at stake.  Now is not a time for cavalier behavior, as selfish individual decisions will only exacerbate the long-term negative impacts of this Pandemic on society as we know it.  The emergency orders being issued across the Country are MANDATORY and in the interest of public health – they should not be taken lightly!  

COVID-19 Information

The City of Pomona invites you to review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to help navigate questions regarding City services during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Please note our website easily translates to Spanish, in our site's "Desktop Version". 
Si desea leer esta información en Español, seleccione su preferencia en el menú desplegable "Select Language" en la esquina superior a la izquierda. (Disponible solo en la versión “Desktop” del nuestro sitio web).