Friday, April 30, 2021

Jimmy Buffett - Margaritaville (Lyrics)

I Drink Alone - George Thorogood and the Destroyers


Joe Cocker ~ With A Little Help From My Friends (Woodstock -1969)

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Night Moves (Official Video)

Baba O'Riley

AC/DC - It's A Long Way To The Top LIVE On TV 1976

Sammy Hagar - Mas Tequila

Gun rights could expand after upcoming Supreme Court case

Kristi Noem suing Biden for canceling July 4 fireworks at Mt Rushmore

Classic 1950s Toys and Outside Fun - Life in America

SpaceX's Starship SN15 Flight Test in Boca Chica Starbase

Real Story - Excellent and very touching I Taking Chance (2009) I HBOmax

Pomona Rec Foodie Friday - Ep 51 Fruit Yogurt Salad

Monster in Pomona

Cuban refugee slams Democrats’ socialist policies

Join us on Saturday from 5-8 PM for our opening. All CDC guidelines will be followed and mask is required.


1818 to 1890s Bicycle Models (from 1915 documentary)

The 1960s in Color - Life in America

Evelyn Hang Yin, “Connecting Perspectives”

Woman Nosedives Car into Drainage Canal, Rescued by Firefighters | La Habra

460 Acre "North" Brush Fire Threatening Homes | Santa Clarita

Pomona's Antique Collectors St Faire Nov 28th 2015

Lyttlon Savings and Loans History and the "Ghost Sign"

Downtown Pomona is Open

INTERACTIVE MAP: See how many people in your zip code have been vaccinated against COVID-19

Southern California weather: Hot temperatures in store for region on Friday before cooler weekend

Thursday, April 29, 2021

The smell of Mimeographs and Dittos - Life in America


Pomona Public Library - Earth Month Storytime

Pomona Rec DIY Thursdays - Ep 55 Photo Coasters

USPS admits to spying on American's social media postings

SpaceX launches Starlink 24 mission! Nails booster landing at sea

White Castle, buy 'em by the sack - Life in America

Coming soon, A tribute to Gilbert "Magu" Lujan 1940 - 2011


The mural is located on the Northeast corner of W. Second and Main St. here in downtown Pomona.
And like always, I'll keep you all updated.

Tucker analyzes how Democrat policies are leading to cops resigning

Train noise at 2:32 am number on train is 5380


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Arizona, Southern California and Southern Nevada, Texas gubernatorial hopeful Lupe Valdez fined $1k for late campaign finance filings


  • And this is whom I've been writing too, no wonder I can't get anything done

  • Lupe Valdez

    Sr. Director, Public Affairs

    13181 Crossroads Pkwy N.
    City Of IndustryCA 91746





SpaceX Launches 60 Starlink Satellites on Falcon 9

Pomona T.V.News Early morning Train noise

En route to fire TAKE II

Train noise time 8:14 train number is 2682


Secret Soviet Bases Reveal New Mysteries | Cities of the Underworld (S2)...

Train noise at 6:46 pm number on train is 7438


Chubby Checker "The Twist & Let's Twist Again" on The Ed Sullivan Show

Me and my RC Cola - Life in America

James Taylor - You've Got a Friend (from Squibnocket)

Helicopter Ingenuity spotted Perseverance Rover from air during 3rd flig...

Porky, Dee O Gee! it's LUNCH TIME!!


Porky, I smell chicken, run Porky, run.

Remember those dances at Washington Park and also at Palomares Park called The Jay Teen Dances back in the 1960's

E̲lton J̲ohn - G̲oodby̲e Y̲ellow B̲rick R̲oad (Full Album) 1973

Concha reacts to Maria Bartiromo’s encounter with US-bound migrants at b...

Fox & Friends 4/28/21 FULL 8AM | BREAKING TRUMP NEWS APRIL 28, 2021

Ptown Speakeasy, Hemingway once said "All you have to do, is write the truest sentence you know"

John Denver - Rocky Mountain High (Official Live from The Wildlife Concert)

Simon & Garfunkel - America (from The Concert in Central Park)

Saturday Morning Cartoons & Commercials | Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes 70's c...

Facts from the Streetcar Tracks

Dia De Los Ninos Celebration in front of the Pomona Public Library, May 5.


Volunteers help get historic Hemet Theatre ready to reopen in time for 100th anniversary

Southern California weather: Warm temperatures, sunny skies return Wednesday

Saturday, April 17, 2021

*LIVE* Pomona: Gun Shot

The Nation's Favourite Beatles No. 1

Fun with Bazooka Bubble Gum - Life in America

John Wayne Speaks to Americans of 2020

Shoe Shopping in the Abandoned Albert Johnson Mine

Ugo Garrido "Foot Juggler" on The Ed Sullivan Show

A Million Ways to Die in the West (6/10) Movie CLIP - Great Scott! (2014...

What It Was Like To Be An Inmate At Alcatraz

The Transporter (1/5) Movie CLIP - A Sick Car Chase (2002) HD

1971 Citroën DS - Jay Leno's Garage

Blue Origin's New Shepard launches after 'astronaut rehearsal,' nails la...

Men In Black II: Office post

Prince Harry, William and Charles Walk Behind Prince Philip's Coffin at ...

Baby Driver Opening Scene (2017) | Movieclips Coming Soon

A Million Ways to Die in the West: Albert Stark HD CLIP

Tucker reacts to video of UFO confirmed by Pentagon

Ptown After Hours, A cure for writers block, take a walk, to your nearest Speakeasy. And get your fill on creative thoughts.

Pomona`s Antique Row Street Faire 2010

Chong & Mana "Fire-Twirling Acrobatics" on The Ed Sullivan Show

The Brockways Show Off Flatland Bike Tricks on The Ed Sullivan Show

A Walk through just some of Pomona's History

PDM, United Artists Theater: A Minute with REN

Pomona's History, Montgomery Ward History here in Pomona

PDM, Pomona History Minute with REN: Downtown Pomona Windows / Architecture

Phil & Nell Soto Park

Phil & Nell Soto Park




Restoring the Mayfair Hotel Sign

Pomona's "Helicopter Services"

Pomona's Southside Historcal Society Bike Ride

Pomona's Southside Historical Society

Pomona's Farmers Market

Pomona T.V. News D.P.O.A. Maintenance Crew

Filming in Downtown Pomona Carvana Used Car Commercial

Pomona T.V. News, Pomona Mall gets a new tree and more..

Typhoon vs Gestapo - RAF Pilot Rogue Attack 1943

Coachella Valley teen defies odds with acceptance to Harvard University with full-ride scholarship

Southern California weather: Sunshine, mild temperatures on tap Saturday

Ralphs, Food 4 Less locations shutting down in Long Beach over 'hero pay'

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter runs 2nd rotor blades spin test applying softw...

Friday, April 16, 2021

Swiss Alps


State of Jefferson (Full Documentary) 2014

1963 Chrysler Turbine: Ultimate Edition - Jay Leno's Garage

Queen - Tie Your Mother Down (Official Video)

Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil (Official Music Video)

Concha: 'Deja vu' after Facebook censors story on BLM leader

Build your own Sears Kit Home - Life in America

Pomona's T.V. Movie "Back to School"

Enter the Ruins Beneath Mount Vesuvius | Cities of the Underworld (S1) |...

Gemini Man (2019) - Epic Sniper Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

Jim Jordan calls out Fauci on 'Ingraham Angle': Tell us when we get our ...

'Stunning hypocrisy': 'Friends' hosts on Facebook blocking story on BLM ...

Ptowns Morning Munch Cafe, Just found this place right around the corner, sounds like I'm not the only one. Come join us, hey look there's Carol.

Garden Railroading! G Scale Layouts and Overheads (LOOK AT THE SIZE OF T...

Meet some of the women of Pomona PD

Pomona Rec Foodie Friday - Ep 45 Shrimp Skewers

Wood Dolphin Sculpture with no Bark 2012

Funny Business

Just Another Day on 2nd. St.

Just another night on 2nd. St. 2011


"Two Horses and a Tree"

The day I met, Porky and Dee O Gee by Phil Moore, writer for the "Pomona...

Porky! hurry or we will be late for pizza, Ren's waiting



Art Walk Part 1 for Aug.13, 2011


What I remember about "Mel's Hamburgers"

Palatine Hill Walking Tour in 4K

The Pomona Brick Co.

Downtown Pomona is Open

Pomona's Farmers Market

Local plant nursery blooms inside abandoned police kiosk in New Jersey

Here's how 'Mank' production designer Don Burt brought historic 1930s LA to life

Southern California weather: Cool temps, clouds continue Friday

McCarthy: Pelosi surrendered to socialists many times before, she'll do ...

Solo Exhibition of Kendall Sun, “Pathetique”

Hobby Shop memories - Life in America

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Pomona's T.V. Movie "The Great Escape"

Pomona's T.V. Movie "My Cousin Vinny"

Life After People: Lethal Toxins Take Over the World (S2, E2) | Full Epi...

Neil Young - Rockin' in the Free World

12 Most Incredible Archaeological Finds That Change History

Navy spots pyramid-shaped UFOs on video, Pentagon confirms

Jr. and I

Yeah she's out with the ladies this morning, having her tea and crumpets. Since the kids have been out of school, she needed a break, can't blame her. 
So it's Jr. and I today, look out Ptown!.

Fly Me To The Moon (Remastered)

Beautiful Old Fireplace with Loud Crackling Fire Sounds (HD) no loop!

Pomona T.V.News Early morning Train noise

Just another sleepless night, maybe "Mother Nature" can help.

Ptown Speakeasy, The Noise of Idling Steel Wheels, stand at attention at my front door. Once again

GREAT PERFORMANCES Tan Dun on Preserving the Nu Shu Language



Southern California weather: Cooler conditions, clouds expected Thursday

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Train noise Time 11:30 pm number on train is 7659


Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli

Summer Wind (w/lyrics) ~ Mr. Frank Sinatra

Pomona PD: National Night Out

The End of the Lincoln Highway - Lincoln Park in San Francisco, CA

Ren's Did You Know ? - The History of Chinatown in Riverside Ca.


Chinatown was founded by Chinese merchants on the outskirts of Riverside, California in 1885 to escape their harassment by Anglo merchants and citizens in the city’s downtown. Chinatown grew and thrived for over half a century by providing labor to the citrus industry, farming extensive vegetable gardens along the Santa Ana River, and through laundries and mercantile shops. The original village of wooden buildings was destroyed by a kitchen fire in 1893, but this allowed Chinatown to be rebuilt with sturdier building stock that eventually included a “joss house” (religious temple) and the headquarters of the local Chee Kung Tong Society. The passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the subsequent Geary Act (among others) served to limit the growth of Chinatown, yet the village continued to serve as an economic and cultural center for its 500 permanent residents and thousands of additional regional workers.
[photo] Historic images of Chinatown Archeological Site
Photos courtesy of the Riverside Municipal Museum

Eventually, though, the recurring waves of anti-Chinese and anti-immigrant sentiment caused many immigrants to leave the area; several also returned to China following the overthrow of the Manchu Dynasty in China. By the late 1920s the village was virtually deserted and severely deteriorated. Chinatown was eventually bought by George Wong, the son of a Chinese immigrant, and preserved as best as possible during the course of his life. Following his death, the few remaining buildings were either destroyed by fire or razed for safety reasons and the site’s future was in doubt. However, the City of Riverside Cultural Heritage Board designated Chinatown as a Cultural Heritage Landmark in 1976 and a portion of the six-acre site was preserved for posterity. The resulting Chinatown Archeological Site represents the only known site in California encompassing an entire Chinese commercial and residential village that has not been subsequently developed. The area has since been the subject of some research and archeological excavation, though the true value of the site has only just been touched.

Roman Forum Walking Tour in 4K

Homeowner Saws Cutting Dry Wood in Nevada

Cops 4 Kids Alcott Graduation 2019

Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff dies in federal prison

Ptown Speakeasy, She loves the coffee here, and I love the company.

What Happened to Pomona's History and where is it today?

Lincoln Park Historical District


Pomona's Southside Historical Society. with Ren


D.P.O.A. ART GALLERY in Pomona

Pomona Art Walk for April 13, 2013


Where art brings life

City of Pomona Calendar


  • Date:04/14/2021 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM 
Please join us on Wednesdays at 3:30pm for Live Storytime! If it’s your first time attending a Virtual Community Center class, you can create an account and sign-up beforehand at

In aftermath of Ontario explosion, San Bernardino County cracking down on illegal fireworks with new reporting system

A world without police | Greg Kelly

Had a Johnson & Johnson appointment scheduled in SoCal? Here's what to expect

Stable caring for horses injured in Ontario explosion dealing with mounting medical costs

Southern California weather: Cloud cover, drizzle expected Wednesday

AA/Fuel Dragster "Moonburst" Found - Parked in Trailer 43 Years

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Pomona's T.V. Movie for Kids "Khumba"

Pomona's T.V. Movie "The Ring"

Pomona PD: 2008 Youth Camp Out

Rosa Parks: A Global Icon Who Stood Up To Tyranny | Civil Rights Documen...

Exclusive: First Day of Opening, Walking Tour of the National Museum of ...

Rexall Drug - Life in America

Ren's Just Sayin, "What a shame about Walter Knotts House"

Man Catches Officer Trespassing and Orders Him to Leave

Weird Foods People Ate to Get Through the Great Depression

Cooking Bacon & Eggs In A Paper Bag - "Tip Of The Week" E34

LISBON TRAMS - MARCH 11 2020 / TRAM DE LISBOA 11 de março de 2020

1960s roadracing thrills at Riverside

Southern California weather: Cooler temps, light drizzle possible Tuesday

Monday, April 12, 2021


Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood • Hush • Deep Purple

Glasgow and Scottish Passions

Intruders Attack The Epoch Times in Hong Kong; Biden Admin. Sued Over Im...

The Five 4/12/21 [FULL] | FOX BREAKING NEWS April 12, 2021

BLM co-founder labeled a 'fraud' after buying luxury homes

POMONA READS! A Celebration of Books

Pomona's Hidden Secret at Memorial Park , a wish that might come true


ALL NEW CRATE LABELS From Scrappy toys

Fox Theatre History, maybe or maybe not

In search for "Buffum's History"

Pomona's History Tibits

Ren and the Woodpecker

the slummin gourmet

MAN ON FIRE Clip - "Suppository Bomb" (2004)